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01 - Why is my light bulb not visible in the application ?
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You will find below solutions for your discovery issue about bulbs or panels:


1. Is my bulb in factory mode ?

Your bulb lights up red when it is in factory mode. For the bulbs that does not manage colours (white range), it flashes at start-up to indicate the factory mode.

If this is not the case, follow the instructions in the video below to reset it to factory mode and add it to your application:


2. Are you close enough to your bulb?

You must be within 10 meters of your product to be able to configure it in the application.


3. (Android) Is the GPS on?

Since Android 6, GPS activation is required to be able to detect and control Low Energy Bluetooth products. We do not use your position under any circumstances. It is therefore necessary to activate GPS to be able to use our application.


4 (Android) Have you cleared the Bluetooth cache?

Sometimes Android's Bluetooth service does not work as well over time. You will find below the procedure to clear the Bluetooth cache:


5. Does your product belong to the CONNECT WIFI range?

You must use the configuration system created only for this product line.

Click on "+" in your application then on "Install a CONNECT WIFI product"


6. Using a phone with Android 7.0 or higher ?

Your bulb is visible from "My devices" / "+", but on the first page of the installation wizard, the control button is never displayed.
Are you on Android 7.0 or higher? If so, try with a phone or Android tablet with a bone less than 7.0, or iOs. Once connected, update the proposed bulb with the same "smart control" account (which improve compatibility with Anroid 7 and higher). You can then use it with your first phone or tablet.


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